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Masterlist of Fic

This is a masterlist of my fics, organized by fandom, then pairing.

Harry Potter

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Annual Update

Just to make sure this journal isn't marked as inactive and deleted, I'm popping in to let y'all know I'm still alive, still writing (Spideypool at the moment), still active on other social media platforms: ao3, tumblr, twitter, pillowfort, and I co-mod the Isn't It Bromantic Spideypool discord server under the username MsCaptainWinchester#3164. 

You have to be an adult to join that last one, but I assume most of the people still on this hellsite are at this point. 

I now also run a Marvel comics blog with a friend of mine called We Have Back Issues. It's been on hiatus because life stuff, but we're coming in March, and it's a lot of fun, y'all. So many terrible costume choices. So many terrible life choices. Old school Marvel's a mess, and I love it. 

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Final Post

This is definitely going to be my final post here. I'm just letting you all know that I created a fandom twitter account. If you are so inclined, you can follow me at @ronspigwidgeon. I'll be posting writing updates and linking to current works, and probably fanfiction I love. There might also be bitching about the new HP canon, because I fucking HATE. IT. But anyway. If you are still interested in me or my work and want updates, follow there.

I love you all. Thank you for being the awesome people that you are!

PSA: Moving to Dreamwidth

Hey ya'll, I'm writing a quick PSA to let everyone know I'm importing this entire blog to Dreamwidth and possibly deleting it, thanks to LJ's fun new TOS agreement. Fuck Russia and their homophobic, anti-free-speech bullshit. I don't actually use this blog anymore, anyway. If you really want to keep in touch with me, go to my tumblr. If you want to stick to this blog format, my Dreamwidth username is the same as it is here.

Am I being paranoid? Maybe. Do I want to take the risk? Fuck no.
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Title: The Substitute
Author: rons_pigwidgeon
Artist: Chaos
Fandom/Genre: Romance
Pairing(s): Dean/Castiel, Sam/Jessica, brief Dean/Anna
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 36,000
Warnings: sexually explicit content, mild violence (Dean punches a dude. It's totally justified.)

Summary: Dean smells his mate one morning while getting his mail. He keeps smelling him in several different places, but never sees him. After months of smelling the mate scent without seeing his mate, Dean becomes cranky and begins to think he might go crazy.

Then one day, the scent walks into his shop with a car repair, and Castiel is nothing like what Dean thought he would be. They hit it off easily despite Castiel’s traditional upbringing, but there is one barrier to their domestic bliss: Castiel is betrothed to another.

Fic link: Fic Masterlist + AO3
Art link: Art Masterlist
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Why does lj still have post length limits? Ugh. I just had to break my deancasbigbang entry into FIVE parts to get it so that it would fit into lj limitations and had sensible breaks. Ugh. Every time I come back to lj, I like the look of the site less.

BTW, if you're a Supernatural and/or destiel fan, my fic will be live (with ART!!) on Tuesday. Summary available here. I spent most of last night and this morning formatting and posting the story under private settings and drafts on here, ao3, and And even after all that, the lj version still isn't what I would like it to be.